Relieving Letter Format

Relieving Letter Format


A relieving letter is a formal letter that is issued to an employee at the time of leaving an organization. It is a formal way of communicating to the employee that the resignation has been accepted. A relieving letter is required at the time of joining a new company. It should clearly mention the onboard time and that the employee has no dues with the organization.


First Name Last Name,

14, Sanskruti Bhavan,

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Mobile: xxxxxxxxxx

Email: firstnamelastname@gmail.com



Sub: Relieving Letter


Dear First Name,

This is in reference to your resignation dated March 05, 2016 wherein you had requested to be relieved from your services on March 31, 2016. We wish to inform you that your resignation has been accepted and you shall be relieved from your duties as Manager — Operations, post serving notice period, with effect from March 31, 2016.

We would also want to confirm that your full & final settlement would be cleared in the next 30 days with the organization. We appreciate your contributions made to the organization and wish you all the best for your future endeavours.



HR Manager

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